What should I bring to my Boudoir Photography Session?

Remember, the idea of a Boudoir photography session is to have fun and be yourself! If you're more conservative bring tight jeans and a few tight, low cut tops.If you want to show a little more bring your favorite lingerie; babydolls, corsets, robes, teddies, costumes, lacy bras and underwear are great ideas. Other ideas are shawls, jewelry, evening gloves, stockings and hobby accessories like cowboy hats, riding crops, instruments and other props you or your loved one likes. Don't forget the high heels and lip gloss!

Some like to make their Boudoir photography session about their significant other so they bring in their favorite sports team's jersey, their ACU's or job uniform or their spouse's shirts.To me there's nothing sexier than showing bare skin. I encourage my clients if they want to show a lot of skin but not everything to go to the local fabric store and pick out a piece of flirty material to use to cover up strategic areas.