High School Senior Portraits Clothing Tips

High School Senior Portraits Clothing TipsColors

When choosing your outfits for your high school senior portraits, normally it's best to wear solid, muted colors. And that's nice and all but something tells me you're not going for "normal." So what should you wear? Wear what you love! Be creative when picking your attire. Bring casual, formal, flirty, fun, prom dresses & suits, sport jackets & uniforms. These are YOUR portraits! So I want to see YOUR style!

Yearbook Photo

Don't forget to remember clothes specifically for your yearbook photo. That means guys, you might have to wear that annoying tie you hope to wear only once every other decade. And girls, you might have to wear an outfit with no spaghetti straps and a slightly higher neckline than you prefer because of school yearbook photo specifications. But after the specifications are met, you can change into your favorite outfits. Just don't forget an outfit or two that will impress mom and dad as well.


Feel free to bring personal items to enhance your photos: sports equipment, instruments, favorite hobbies, etc... Like cars? Give your car a wash and wax and take your photos with your 4-wheel friend.

Outdoor Portraits

Know where you want to be photographed and dress for the occasion. Blue jeans and khakis look good almost anywhere. Choose shirt colors to match the scenery and your pants as well. For a little more variety, if you're involved in outdoor sports or hobbies you can even wear your uniform or outfit. But again, YOUR portraits, YOUR style.

Outdoor Weather

Be prepared when your session is outside. If it's raining hard and you cannot reschedule don't forget an umbrella. And don't forget the other elements as well. On windy days it's best to bring a brush or comb and on sunny days sunscreen can't hurt.