Family Portrait Clothing Tips

Family portrait clothing tipsColors

Just as clothing in an individual photo session can determine a beautiful portrait, so can the clothing in a family session. Family members should wear colors that coordinate and match.This could be the difference between a family portrait or a bunch of people in a photo. Families should wear solid, muted colors. Patterns and bright colors in a photo bring your eyes away from the people's faces and to their outfits instead. The most flattering clothes are dark with long sleeves. When arms are exposed to the camera there will be more flesh and more distractions. If a lighter background is preferred then try lighter colors that blend in with the background.


Don't forget to plan ahead. Know what everybody is wearing and that they're ready to be photographed. Check if ironing is needed. Also, bring more than one change of clothing. Bring formal, elegant and casual outfits. Don't forget to have fun. If you all have a favorite sports team, feel free to wear all jerseys. Be creative!

Outdoor Portraits

Know where you want your family to be photographed and dress for the occasion. Choose outfits that match the scenery; blue jeans and khakis look good almost anywhere.

Outdoor Weather

Be prepared when your session is outside. If it’s raining hard and you cannot reschedule don’t forget umbrellas. And don’t forget the other elements as well. On windy days it’s best to bring a brush or comb and on sunny days sunscreen can’t hurt.