Boudoir Photography FAQs

Dove Evolution of BeautyWhat if I don't have a model's body?

If you don't have a model's body then I would say one thing to you - perfect! One of the things I Love about Boudoir Photography Sessions is they're for everybody! They're a way to prove to the world you don't have to be a size 0 to look sexy. Let me show you the confidence and self-esteem a Boudoir Photography Session will give you. Beauty really is in the inside.

If you still worry about your body image, let me take you behind the scenes of what models REALLY look like.

Where are the Boudoir Photography Sessions Done?

Boudoir Photography Sessions are done in a downtown studio or in the privacy of your own home. Although some clients will have them done at hotels, at a friend's house or on-location.

Want about print packages?

I don't know about you but when it comes to packages, I'm tired of getting sizes and products I don't want! So you get to create your own package at Nicole Powell Photography. Whatever sizes and products you choose will be discounted so you get exactly the package that you want at a great price.


All sessions include a password-protected online gallery of all your photos, unlimited poses, unlimited props and unlimited clothing changes.

Wild Session

3 Hour session, on-location or in studio.

Sexy Session

1.5 hour session, on-location

Hottie Session

1.5 hour session, in studio.

Soldier Book Session

1.5 hour session, in studio for Military investing in the soldier book.

 Sweetie Session

45 minute session, in studio