Host a Boudoir Party

Boudoir Party InvitationGoing to be in one of our exciting Boudoir Photography Sessions? Why not throw a Boudoir Party with all your friends! One of the great things about Boudoir Parties is it's free!

What is a Boudoir Party?

A Boudoir Party is a fun excuse to get your friends together and have a great time. Invite your friends over to hear about Boudoir Photography Sessions and observe a mini-photo session with you as the model. I also bring witty games to play and prizes. Most clients provide their friends with wine or champagne and appetizers to add to the experience.

Benefits of Hosting Your Own Party

Just for hosting a Boudoir Party you receive $25 off your Boudoir Photography Session. You also get other free gifts if your friends sign up for their own Boudoir Photography Session at your party!

  • For every person that signs up you will get a free 5x7.
  • If 3 people sign up you get a free 8x10.
  • If 5 people sign up you get another $25 off your session.
  • If 8 people sign up you get a FREE Boudoir Photography Session!

*sign-ups must give deposit before your session date for them to be considered party sign-ups*

Party Theme Ideas

You can add a theme to the parties to give them a spin of your own! Invite your friends over for an elegant dinner party and give them a reason to dress up. Or have them come over in their pajamas, lingerie or costumes for a laid back experience. It's up to you!

Click here for a printable invitation to send your friends.