Baby Photos Clothing Tips

Baby photos clothing tipsBaby Photos Session

When scheduling a baby photos session make sure to schedule a time when the baby is in the best mood. Just in case the baby's a bit irritable, bring some toys or the baby's favorite blanket to cheer them up.


Babies always seem to look their best with the least amount of clothing. Sure, dad's going to want his son or daughter proudly portrayed in his favorite sports team's jersey, but when you get down to it there's nothing cuter than two big eyes and a bare bottom. And don't forget, the best accessory to a bare bottom is mommy and daddy. So don't forget to wear solid, muted colors. Black or white are always good choices for baby portraits.


Feel free to bring anything that you would like to be photographed with your baby. Baby toys, blankets, teddy bears, siblings, Grandma's quilt and/or something of mommy's or daddy's. Or want something a little different? Let me design a portrait for you with a personal design session and have a unique and original portrait of your baby.